World Heritage treasures


The historic Tokaj Wine Region was included as a Cultural Landscape on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2002. The view and structure of the landscape was formed through interaction with the wine culture that is still so vibrant today.

The special climatic and environmental conditions of the Tokaj Wine Region assist the settling of the noble fungus Botrytis cinerea, while the Zemplén Hills to the north protect the vines. Environmental factors created the special cultural combination here, enabling the development of historic cellar systems dug by hand into mainly volcanic hills in and around the vineyard estates, villages, small towns. The socio-cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of the inhabitants, together with the special fame of Tokaji Aszú wine, have contributed to the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the region.

The following are the natural and human resources for the World Heritage title:

  • the region’s climate and microclimates that are greatly influenced by the bordering rivers (Bodrog, Tisza) and the neighbouring wetland and marshy areas; in terms of microclimate the regular occurrence of specific autumn weather conditions assist in the development of aszú berries,
  • the wine region’s topography, its climatically protected location at the south-, southeast-edge of the Zemplén Hills,
  • the terroirs found here; the vineyards are extremely varied with a significant proportion of volcanic bedrock and soils,
  • the distinctive and characterful grape varieties grown here (Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály, and much smaller volumes of Zéta, Kövérszőlő and Kabar)
  • practices of winemaking, storage and aging process that are unique in the world (e.g. Aszú making, aging wine in small barrels),
  • hard-working people who have cultivated vines and made wine for centuries.

Protection of origin product specification

The name Tokaj and the unparalleled quality it represents are recognised throughout the world, not only related to Aszú wine but also the wine region’s cultural landscape. The Tokaj Wine Region deserves special attention and a unique position as it has such rare characteristics – both environmental and socio-cultural assets – that give the wines, including Tokaji Aszú, their exceptional character. The wonderful long history of wineries and vine cultivation here accompanies us to this day, so we can be grateful to the great winemaking which went before us for creating the regulations that distinguish Tokaji wine.

The Tokaj protection of origin designation and linked traditional expressions are highly regarded. The protection of origin regulation served to establish quality winemaking, protection of interest, information and honest market practice. It can be regarded as an information and regulation system that expresses and regulates the natural criteria of winemaking and grape cultivation.

The Tokaj Council of Wine Communities (Tokaji Borvidék Hegyközségi Tanácsa) prepared its own product specification regarding the regulation of Tokaj-PDO wines.

The specification stipulates that products with the right to protection of origin must be labelled the proof: company details, the main characteristics of the products, information describing production and the relation between the quality of the product and the terroir.
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